We’ve spent the entirety of our final semester creating a campaign based on our individual thesis from the semester prior. Each project deals with a topic that we are each passionate about. As students studying Advertising and Digital Design, we’ve come up with powerful and innovative ways to portray messages we want the world to know about. The second to last semester was spent researching on subjects related to the campaigns presented on this site.

After approximately eight months of hard work, it is safe to say that each of us is proud of one another for how far we’ve come. To let all of that work go unseen as a result of COVID-19 would be almost worthy of being considered a crime. That’s why this site exists: to honor the work everyone here has put into each of their senior projects.

For general inquiries:

MARIANNE R. KLIMCHUK  |  Chairperson of Communication Design Pathways

JOSEPH STALUPPI  |  Associate Professor

THOMAS MCMANUS  |  Associate Professor

For inquiries about the projects:

NICOLE ZIZILA  |  Adjunct Professor

MICHAEL GAMBINO  |  Adjunct Professor

If you're interested in how this website came to be:

ANGELA DIEP  |  FIT 2020 Alumn

Thank you to Oliver Nowell, Sabrina Garcia, Alexa Fazzino, and Jessica Makaveric for their contributions in helping this site remain active.

Special thanks to Hira Ali, Lauren Steigerwald, Sarika Persaud, and Ashley Aviles as well for providing feedback and starting the fruition of this project.