alexi cassidy

"Aequitas Sexual Assault Awareness"


“Full Picture” is an Aequitas campaign that highlights the injustices rape victims have to endure from the Criminal Justice System. Blurred images of women are available across the city, and each can be scanned to reveal their stories and highlight the cruelty the women received during their trials. 

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Society is painfully unaware of just how little rape is taken as a serious matter within court. The Criminal Justice System currently has a very poor and ineffective approach to both the treatment of the victims and the reprimanding of the rapists. Most cases leave the women serving time and the rapists leaving with little more than a slap on the wrist.

The first step to reform is knowledge, which will perpetuate a society that demands reformation of the Criminal Justice System. The longer the unfair bias and prejudice against victims is allowed to exist, equally as long do the criminals go free. Let’s put the “justice” back into the Criminal Justice System.

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