Brittany Ciumei

"The Door"


“The Door” is the first restaurant made for first dates, exclusively created for Hinge users. With locations in major cities across the nation, people can set up a reservation with Hinge and invite their potential date. Ipads are set up at each table that offer games like 21 Questions, Truth or Dare, and even a compatibility test. The restaurant also hosts themed nights like Speed Dating, Karaoke, and Swipe Night to help singles meet up.

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We live in a digital age, where people are more likely to answer a text rather than a phone call. Dating has seen the same sort of suffering and people aren’t meeting up with their matches in person, keeping a technological barrier within the relationship.

The hardest part about first dates is deciding what to do and where to go. First dates provide foundation upon which the future of the relationship sits on. With The Door, an easier way of dating is knocking.

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