Emily Galvelis

"Be A Neighbor"


“Be a Neighbor” is a digital experience and campaign that lets travelers support and protect the culture of the neighborhoods they visit. Local hotspots are recommended by Airbnb hosts so the guests can get to know the area during their stay. Digital stamps are added to their passports as they visit locations and with every stamp collected, travelers can earn a free local treat.

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Gentrification is a process occurring in many places across the world in order to transform areas into tourist locales. The price of this is the loss of culture in order to conform to the needs and wants of visitors. Additionally, there is a lack of guidance when it comes to introducing travelers to new locations.

Rather than remaining a stranger to neighborhoods that you visit, you can become part of the neighborhood. By learning the local favorites and landmarks, travelers support the communities they stay in. Preserving the identity of a neighborhood is vital in protecting the culture.

Digital Product, Brand Experience