jessica makarevic

"Premier Lacrosse League"

Premier Lacrosse League

In order to raise public awareness about Lacrosse, Premier Lacrosse League presents an integrated campaign that will pique interest as well as encourage participation in the sport by those who previously didn’t know of it. The campaign serves to inform people of the existing players as well as encourage them to become one themselves. 

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There are many sports played across the globe, with each country having their own major sport. For the United States, that sport is American football. Compared to sports like hockey and football, lacrosse is not as well known. 

Lacrosse is like an amalgamation of all the best parts of your favorite sports. It has the endurance of soccer, agility of basketball, hand-eye coordination of baseball, and the contact of football. When you aren’t sure what to play, lacrosse is there with a little bit of everything. 

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