Sarika Persaud



“Instameet” is an integrated campaign that encourages users to step away from their screens and meet people face-to-face. Celebrating National Friendship day, the campaign will celebrate friendship through shareable food and drinks. The app allows users to attend and host events and connect with friends using the message feature. In collaboration with GEOCACHING, Instameet will also host a scavenger hunt game.

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The digital age is ruining the concept of face-to-face interactions, with people preferring to contact one another digitally instead. Many people deal with social anxiety and social media is the perfect hiding place, but it’s at the cost of meaningful relationships.

There is nothing compared to real, physical human interaction. The digital platform only serves to generate distanced and cold relationships that have no fond memories to fall back on. Making memories and doing activities simultaneously improves our relationships with others while improving our mood significantly.

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