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"TalkSpace for Men"

“Talkspace for Men” is a microsite meant to address the negative effect that America’s hyper-masculine society has on men. The site serves as a database for understanding their own mental health, connecting with others, and learning the benefits of therapy. Men have the opportunity to engage with a therapist via text, with the therapist acting as a friend who “gets it” to make the experience more comfortable. 

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Men have a negative perception of therapy as a result of social stigmas that men are to just “deal with it” or “act like a man.” This stigma results in men suppressing their feelings in exchange for adhering to these expectations. It also results in poor coping mechanisms like drugs, alcohol and potentially even suicide.

Masculinity is not founded in bottling emotions or fear of not being seen as a “guy’s guy.” The true definition of masculinity should be strength founded in discovering the self and learning to accept that we are not always okay – and that’s okay!

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