xiaolin chen

"Google Maps"

Google Maps introduces a new data visualization feature that will allow users to filter out fake reviews of restaurants from the truth. Using user behavior like searches and experiences, Google Maps can detect whether the reviewer is a tourist or local, couple or family friendly, and what age ranges typically frequent the location. You can also see the features of the restaurant itself, anywhere from the interior design to the most famous dish they serve.

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Online reviews tend to be unreliable and don’t always show the truth about restaurants you want to visit. Customer reviews either make or break an establishment, and false reviews do so much unnecessary harm to innocent companies. It’s difficult to tell the fake reviews from the genuine ones, often misguiding readers and their perceptions.

Providing data about behavior encompassing the restaurants, like demographic and psychographics, helps to provide a more accurate reputation. Rather than relying only on reviews, users can pair it with statistical information and make choices rather than being misguided by fake reviews.

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